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La Cicala is devoted to exploring the uncharted works from the Neapolitan Baroque repertoire.​


Founded in 2011 by Inês d'Avena, La Cicala is devoted to exploring the rich but often not yet widely known Neapolitan Baroque repertoire. The ensemble takes its name from the cicada, the ‘singing’ insect associated with summer evenings in southern Europe, which has from time immemorial symbolized immortality and spiritual realization. The ancient Greeks regarded cicadas as lyrical messengers of the Muses and associated them particularly with music and eloquence.


The ensemble is a frequent guest at some of the most prestigious festivals and concert series in Europe, such as the Utrecht Early Music Festival, Seizoen Oude Muziek Netwerk, Itinéraire Baroque and Deniz Müzesi Barok Konserleri Istanbul. La Cicala’s three CDs, ‘Dolce Napoli: sonate & concerti per flauto’ (Passacaille, PAS 1007), ‘Naples 1759’ (Passacaille, PAS 1013), and 'Mannaggia Amore' (Passacaille, PAS 1061) were received with much praise in reviews by the specialist press.


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